about me

Hello, my name is Leah Hough. Welcome to my personal, professional site!

Here you will find my recent work in graphic design and visual art. Being creative through various forms of art is my passion. When I’m designing a logo or painting on a canvas, I find myself content and joyful. I am originally a visual artist, as I have been painting and drawing since the first grade. Recently, I have taken on the title of Graphic Designer. After applying to CSUSB in 2008 with a major in Nutrition, I quickly changed my mind and decided to major in something I’m excited about…Art. In March of this year I will be the proud owner of a B.A. in Art-Graphic Design. Through my schooling at CSUSB, I have had wonderful projects to work on that have honed my skills in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

In 2010 I began utilizing my design skills to help family and friends spice up their blogs or have a unique invitation. Now I am ready to develop my skills professionally by working for a company who prides themselves in good design. I believe that my love of painting has helped me develop as a successful designer who creates aesthetically pleasing work that has a clear message. Feel free to browse “My Work” to get a glimpse of my graphic design pieces and visual art.