design statement

Design gives us the ability to clearly communicate a client’s message through shapes and colors. It can embody a person or company in a logo or trademark.

I love the freedom of opening a blank document and adding words, shapes, or images. I believe every successful design is a work of art that will be appreciated by the client and the targeted audience. In order to achieve this success, a Graphic Designer must first conduct research on the client as well as interviewing them in order to really understand their goals and values, choose at least three key words to keep in mind when designing, sketch ideas as thumbnails, develop the best sketches into clean drawings with color, then bring the sketches to life with digital compositions, get feedback, revise, and then end with a well thought-out design that truly represents your client and their goals.

Design can also be described as a solution to a problem. Great designers will find suitable solutions and prove themselves worthy, which keeps clients coming back for more designs. It is also important, nowadays, for designers to stay current with the ever-changing field of design. We have to make sure our work always has significance and value if we want to continue our Graphic Design career.

My name is Leah Hough. I graduated from Cal State San Bernardino with a B.A. in Graphic Design. I started painting at the age of 6, and have loved visual art ever since. I began designing digitally in 2007 in college, and have taken an affinity to corporate identity.